Tan Hiep Phuong MFG & Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2005, is a leading company in:

+ Painting equipments
  • As the PRONA – Taiwan : Authorized distributor in Vietnam.
  • As the MEIJI – Japan : Southern official distributor.
  • As the ANEST IWATA – Japan
+ Measuring equipments
  • As the KANON – Japan : Southern official distributor of Torque Tester.
  • As the ELEPHANT – Japan : Distributor in VietNam of Hardness Tester.
+ Air tools
  • As the URYU – Japan : Southern official distributor.
  • As the PRONA – Taiwan : Authorized distributor in Vietnam.
  • As the ONPIN – Taiwan : Distributor in Vietnam.
  • As the YOSHIDA – Japan : Southern official distributor.
  • As the COMPACT – Japan.
+ Electric tools
  • As the SUMAKE – Taiwan: Distributor in Vietnam.
  • As the PANASONIC – Japan: Power Tools
+ The other equipment
  • As the ENDO – Japan : Balancers, Air Hoists.
  • As the SAKURA – Japan : Markers.
  • As the TOWA – Japan : Gloves.
  • As the YOSHIDA – Japan : Southern official distributor of Air Couplers.
  • As the KUKDONG – Korea : Southern official distributor of Coolant,Brake Fluid, Engine Oil, Windshield washer fluid.
  • As the NPK, KITO – Japan : Air Hoists

Tan Hiep Phuong MFG & Trading Co., Ltd pays special attention to product quality, has the good service system for customer in pre-current, during and after sales with the best behavior. The staff of company is in science and technology, who are very enthusiastic, high responsible, ready to meet all customer’s demand.Since its foundation, with over 15 years in operation to trade and service, Tan Hiep Phuong MFG & Trading Co., Ltd has gained trust, and high assessment from customers for its product quality and service style.

With the initial success achieved, Tan Hiep Phuong MFG & Trading Co., Ltd will be more efforts to continuously improve and up grade product quality, customer’s service, we are looking forward to receiving the nice interest and support of customers.

1. Payment methods

Customers can chose one in this payment methods.

1.1. By cash

Customer cash on delivery.

1.2. By transfer

Pleases tranfer on accounts

• Vietnam Commercial Bank (VCB) – Song Than Branch, Binh Duong Province

No:    046.100.388.9942

Swift code: BF TV VNVX 007

• Asia Commercial Bank – Thị Nghe transaction


No: 8981.4179

Swift code: ASCBVNVX

2. Delivery policy 

• Free delivery.

• Delivery time is caculated from the time of your order confirmation.

– From 01 to 03 day: Ho Chi Minh City and Southern region.

– From 03 to 05 day: Middle and Northern region.

3. Warranty policy 

We ensure that we sale Genuine item and the best customer service as well as product warranty.

The warranty time depend each product and will be clearly showed in attach Warranty Certificate when customers receive product.

The warranty time will be calculated from the day that receive product

Warranty condition

– Warranty Certificate still in warranty time

– Warranty Certificate have to have sign of Tan Hiep Phuong company

– If there is any technology problem in Warranty time, Pls not open machinery

– The defects are come from fault of manufacture workmanship and materials

– Following Operation Manual

– Alternation and repair carried out by authorized person

1. The purpose and scope of data collection

• The data collected on the website tanhiepphuong.com including email, phone, username, password, address. This is the information that tanhiepphuong.com need Customers provide mandatory when registering an account, purchase the product in order to ensure the interests of consumers.

• In addition to the information required to provide marked *, customers may not need to provide other required information. However, this information will be helpful for Tan Hiep Phuong making care services and after-sales support, so customers should fill in all the information requested in the course of creating an Terms, subscription products Tan Hiep Phuong.

2. Scope of the use of information

Tan Hiep Phuong pledged to only use the information of customers to:

• Providing services to customers.
• Send notices of activities to exchange information between members and Tan Hiep Phuong CO.,LTD
• Contact, send a notice to customers when products or services are the updated, changed.
• Perform care and support after the sale.
• Resolve customer complaints.

Tan Hiep Phuong pledged not to share customer information to any third party except when required by the competent authority of the state.

3. Time to store information

Customer information is an important input to Tan Hiep Phuong provide information on products and services, so that customer information will be stored during the operation of the Tan Hiep Phuong.

4. Address of the unit to collect and manage personal information

• Trading office: 51 Road 08, Quarter 5, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward Thu Duc Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
• Email: salessupport@tanhiepphuong.vn

5. Means and tools to reach customers and edit their personal data.

Customers have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel your personal information by logging into your account and edit your personal information.
Email:  tanhiepphuong@tanhiepphuong.vn

6.  Commitment to Privacy Customer personal information

• Tan Hiep Phuong commitment to always strive to use the best methods for securing customer information to ensure that this information is not stolen, unintended disclosure.

• Tan Hiep Phuong committed not share, sell or rent customer information to any third party.